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Our mission is to restore civility and moral guidance in our society with the foundational and fundamental teaching of the Golden Rule, “Treat people the way you would like to be treated. – Matthew 7:12

Antionette Hicks

Founder and Director

Etiquette Essentials (EE) specializes in framing social, business and dining etiquette to ensure individuals an impressionable first-time impression in any given situation.  She is particularly excited at the opportunity and privilege of educating youth and young adults by helping them develop, refine and deliver character and manners that will promote a lifetime of success.

Her credentials include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Associated Degree in Liberal Arts, Licensed Managing Esthetician and Esthetic Instructor.  She has served as an educator for over 10 years in various roles, currently as a teacher.

Also, for over 15 years she has positioned herself as an entrepreneur gaining a unique combination of interpersonal skills and experience that compliments and qualify her as an Etiquette Expert.

Our Team

Antionette Hicks

Antionette Hicks

Chelsea Hicks

Chelsea Hicks

Seminars , Workshops, & 1-on-1’s


EE prepares the young adult to be ready to make their first impression impressionable to the adult world.  College students or individuals who prefer to enter immediately into the workforce all have one thing in common the need for proper etiquette and poise for a successful future.  EE services offer Making Introductions, Communication Etiquette, Listening Skills, Sharpening soft skills, Interviewing, Business Dining, Networking Necessities, Style and much more.


Etiquette Intro or Refresher

This intensive finishing program is designed for YOU!  Adults 18 or older are welcome. EE categories include Social Graces, Modern Communication, Dining and Distinctive Appearance and much more.  Held on selective Saturdays.

Adolescence and Teens

Learning positive behaviors early on is essential to a successful journey through life.  If our children are not taught to mind their manners many opportunities will be taken away.  Young people who comprehend and are invested in learning proper etiquette and techniques will no doubt have an advantage.  Topics include: Introduction of Etiquette , Why Manners Matter, First Impression, Communication, Formal and Informal Dinning, to building Positive Character Traits, School Etiquette and much more.

Beauty Essentials & Beyond

This program takes “YOU” further in-depth of etiquette essentials.  Topics include color analysis, figure and style analysis, personality and clothing profile, wardrobe management, dress on a budget, accessorizing, makeup matters and much more.

EE Youth Summer Camps

This two weeks summer program targets the awkward time of pubescent, to ease the transformation from girls to young ladies and boys to gentlemen.  Camps are designed Just for Girls! or Just for Boys! Addressing relevant topics and engaging activities to promote fun while exploring, discovering and learning.  Topics include: Metamorphosis…ME?, Body Facts, Be Healthy & Fit, Girl Stuff & Boy Stuff (young minds want to know), Feelings, Real Life Real Problems.


I Can't Come Down Women's Conference

Date: 23 March 2019
Time: 10:30 am
Location: 2121 Snow Rd,
Parma, OH

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Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) philosophy is about making a contribution to society with good business practices. Although profit is important just as equally important is a company’s purpose and its social responsibility to the world and to operate morally and ethically.
EE embraces CSR philosophy in every aspect of our business from how we make money to how we spend money, our employees, customers, suppliers, funders and communities. By being responsible, professional, sustainable and develop good relationships.

“Setting the Table For Others.”

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